Success Stories

“Jenn was immensely helpful in developing my management style and abilities.  In our coaching sessions, she always asked questions or provided clarity to issues I had completely overlooked. She allowed me to develop a deep awareness of my abilities as well as those issues slowing me down. From this, a plan evolved which demonstrated how my own personality and style could resonate forcefully yet also instill a sense of empowerment and the courage to succeed with my employees. Her candor, trust and insight are truly remarkable, and I have no doubt she can help you fulfill your dreams.”

J. W.

“I could always count on Jenn to be very positive and forward thinking, never dwelling on why things were the way they were, but rather on what I was going to do about it. Through our regular conversations, my thoughts and vision became clearer and I was able to focus my energy on the priorities that needed the most attention. We recently moved our business, and Jenn helped me gear up for it—everything from getting the financials in order, to setting and communicating expectations to our employees. I’ve found that maintaining accountability is much easier now that I am clear about priorities…feeling stuck is a thing of the past.”

S. P.

“Jenn worked with me on my MBTI profile, and her debrief was extremely informative. By going in depth on an analysis of my results, as well as some discussion of my own opinions regarding the results, I felt much more comfortable making some of the career decisions that followed. It was more than I expected, and I am thankful for the attention she gave to working with me. Her style is very personable and open, and invites honest discussion about oneself.”

R. L.
Officer, U.S. Navy

“I knew already that I really had nothing to lose by pursuing my own vision.  But I didn’t believe that strongly enough to act on it.  Jenn’s coaching gave me the clarity and conviction to act.”

S. M.

“Half of our team was completely new to the company and the industry, and I needed them to get up to speed quickly. Six months after our last session, I felt the full effect of the work that Jenn had done with me and my team. The coaching impacted us internally, at the most personal level, and because we all went through the same program, we got to know each other more personally. Though we already had a healthy respect for each other, Jenn helped us further cement our base and open lines of communication. As a result, we work together like a well-oiled machine and we provide consistently outstanding service to our clients every day.”

G. V.

“By working with Jennifer I learned to better manage my priorities, time, goals, and I now have a much better handle on the requirements of managing a rapidly growing business. Through her insights I was also able to better understand my own strengths and weaknesses, as well as find integral coping mechanisms and peer relationships that contribute significantly to my days. Hiring worldAWAKE was the most intelligent step I took to bring balance to my life.”

R. F.

“Jennifer, your coaching has allowed me to achieve amazing success levels in my professional career. Together we achieved each one of my goals. I’d recommend you to any business professional that is ready to take their business to the next level.”

K. W.